Solar Panels Hits Raon Street in Quiapo

Because the cost of electricity in the Philippines today is getting more and more expensive, a lot of Filipino people are finding ways to cut cost on their electricity bill. Unlike the old days, electricity is now considered as not just a luxury but a necessity to most Filipinos. This is why people can no […]

5 Supercool Herbs You Should Definitely Know About

Herbs are amazing things: they are in a way Mother Nature’s version of the things in our pharmacies, medicines and treatments galore for just about every natural problem we get to our health. Even now, we are still only discovering most of the herbs that nature has to offer, and more herbal treatments are being […]

How To Take Kratom

There are plenty of ways on how to take Kratom. In Thailand, the leaves are chewed fresh after the removal of the hard central vein of the Kratom leaf. When Kratom leaves are dried, they are often chewed as how men did so centuries ago. But since the leaves are quite tough, many people prefer […]

Davao Seaside Resorts

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort – Island Garden City of Samal Paradise Island is definitely the most well-known beach resort in Davao. It is located in the Island of Samal. The resort promises a extensive accessibility, affordable service selling price, helpful staff, a powdery white sand and pristine blue waters. You need to have […]