How To Take Kratom

6There are plenty of ways on how to take Kratom. In Thailand, the leaves are chewed fresh after the removal of the hard central vein of the Kratom leaf. When Kratom leaves are dried, they are often chewed as how men did so centuries ago. But since the leaves are quite tough, many people prefer crushing the leaves to create a powder form. Once in powdered form, the Kratom can be mixed with apple sauce, fruit juice or preferably something sweet. Dried Kratom leaves are especially bitter which is why it is best combined with something sweet to mask the taste.

In some rare cases, Kratom can be turned into a paste-like extract to form small pellets that can be swallowed. These pellets can then be stored for later use. When ready to be consumed, these same pellets can then be dissolved in hot water and be consumed as tea. To be able to mask the bitter taste of the tea, some like mixing Kratom with black tea or other herbal teas.

The most common method to take Kratom is by drinking dried Kratom leaves as tea. This method is the most common way to take Kratom in the West. After the leaves are strained, the Kratom tea can be drank directly or with some honey to mask the taste.  When Kratom tea is consumed, it is best advised to gulp the drink down quickly and immediately chase it with a pleasant-tasting fruit juice to minimize the unpleasant taste. Kratom can be smoked as well but proved to have no advantage over making tea or chewing the leaves.

However, the manner of taking Kratom is widely varied largely dependent on the potency of the Kratom leaves as well as the user. The preparation method of Kratom will also depend on the type of effect the user wants to achieve from taking Kratom. For example, Kratom can act as stimulant when taken in low doses and as a sedative when taken at high doses. But to be able to achieve the right dosage and effect, plenty of trial and errors in preparing Kratom must be made.

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