Solar Panels Hits Raon Street in Quiapo

Because the cost of electricity in the Philippines today is getting more and more expensive, a lot of Filipino people are finding ways to cut cost on their electricity bill. Unlike the old days, electricity is now considered as not just a luxury but a necessity to most Filipinos. This is why people can no longer live without it most specially those who are living in the urban areas.

One way that many people is considering right now is utilizing the heat of the sun and convert it into solar energy. Philippines receives an abundant sunlight for almost all times of the year making it suitable for solar panels installation. But since solar panels are generally expensive and installing them would need technical skills, you will have to ask a technician to set them up for you. This would mean additional cost.


The good thing about solar energy is that you will only have to invest upfront a certain amount of money to be able to use the solar panels in longer period of time and save on your electricity bill in the long run. You just initially have to shed out a good amount for the panels and you will also only need to budget small amount for its maintenance. That in the end will save you more money than just using Meralco’s electricity supply.

As reported by, certain Sonny Oswa has been using solar panels to generate electricity from solar energy for a couple of months now. His past monthly Meralco bill used to be around P4,200 on average. But after installing the solar panels on their rooftop and used solar power to run a total of six electric fans during night time, his electricity bill gradually decreased. Now, he is paying only an average of P1,500 per month for his Meralco bill.


Mr. Oswa does not just use solar panels for their household, he is also selling them on Raon Street in Quiapo, Manila and he is doing this more than two years already. Quiapo is known as the go-to area for people who are looking for different affordable items including food stuff, office and school supplies, accessories, electronic gadgets, and a lot more. Quiapo is also the best place to be for homeowners who want to reduce the total power consumption of their household.

Mr. Oswa is selling solar panels with different wattage. And the price of each panel varies depending on the wattage. The price ranges from P2,800 to P9,500 per solar panel. He also offers polycrystalline and monocrystalline variants. He disclosed that he get his supplies from a Chinese businessman who has an establishment in Binondo and the panels are imported from Taiwan.

According to him, at the beginning he was just able to sell a few panels per week. But as the use of solar panels become popular among Filipino people added with the continuous increase in Meralco electricity rate, he is now able to sell 5 to 10 solar panels per day. And just recently, most of his customers are the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda.